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    Live Your Potential

    Counseling That Works

    Whether you are looking to heal or are feeling pretty good but want to level up, I’m here to help you transform yourself.

    This isn’t “treatment as usual”. At MGS counseling, I believe you deserve counseling that works for you. My goal as your therapist is to help you move from feeling stuck and discouraged to uncovering your potential and maximizing your strengths so you can feel confident to live the life you’ve always desired. Together we will work to develop a plan balancing your needs with both classic and modern psychological techniques to get you to where you want to be; whether that’s honing your mind set to climb the corporate ladder, digging into past trauma or finding the motivation to begin moving forward with your life.

    I’m ready when you are.

    If you are open to the exploration of self, healing from the things holding your back, and ready to put in some elbow grease, contact me today and let’s get to work.

    "Finding a therapist is a daunting task, let alone finding a good one. I came across Miles' bio and it said "I am a transformer of people". I was not sure if that was delusional or confident, but it was intriguing nonetheless. I gave it a shot and am so glad I did. Within a couple of sessions he had made huge progress in solving the problem I came to him with. He continues to give me the guidance, tools, and perspective I need to excel in life; not just "get better". I refer to him as a Jedi master because he gave me things I didn't even know I needed. My advice is to go see Miles immediately, but he will make you work. If you are not willing to work hard then you are not ready."

    "Miles is an awesome dude. He is very flexible, understanding, caring, and compassionate. Ive seen him for about 2 months and he has helped me get through a lot. He doesn't just try to make you okay. He thrives to make you the best you you can possibly be. I definitely recommend going if you have even small problems. If you think your problems are too small for therapy, they aren't. If your problems are huge he can handle it. He doesn't approach things like I assumed psychotherapists did. He goes above and beyond. I texted him one day when I was feeling really crappy, when my girlfriend broke up with me. He called me three times that week while on a business trip and came back and saw me three time the next week. Miles really just wants other people to be as happy and as successful as possible."

    "Best choice I have ever made. He challenges you to open the problem and create a solution. Invest in yourself and you will pave the path. As a team you can create a purpose shaped by you! He will make you think and work for it, but most importantly, it is worth it!"

    My Counseling Style:

    I have been trained in a wide variety of clinical approaches and techniques. My main training is both in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Depth Psychology. I have a strong foundation in mindfulness and meditation. The great thing these two approaches teach is that anything is workable and worth examining, in order to make meaning out of it, and to heal.

    Counseling in Lake Oswego, OR

    My counseling office is physically located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, however I work with patients living throughout the Oregon metro area including; Tualatin, Beaverton and Portland.

    About Miles Salisbury

    I help others take their power back. Too often the field of psychology focuses on what is wrong and spends an inordinate amount of time focusing on the negative. While this is an important piece of psychotherapy, gaining insight into what hasn’t been going right for us is extremely helpful; staying stuck there in our old patterns can be unproductive. I assist people as they search for their strengths, passions, and inherent brilliance. I have found that this inner search is a process of natural healing, and undertaken with guidance, can produce transformative results.